So what is the Snow Universe you ask?

Let us take you on a journey explaining exactly how we arrived here today…(Told in third person, try to imagine this as if it were being read by someone deeply voiced with a particularly captivating dulcet resonance).

In 2003 Nick and Harry met, they were dropped into the same form in high school. Needless to say they quickly realised that they were both interested in the same awesome stuff! Jump ahead nearly 10 years and their friendship still prevails! In 2012 on their way to Nando’s to partake in a casual yet fateful lunch, Nick put forward his desire to “really push myself into writing this year” Harry responded with “aye, I too am driven to pursue illustration this year”. A seed had been planted, and it was on the usual, steady return drive that the Snow universe was given its first ‘verbal watering’ that would stir the eventual fruition of a long dormant and unrealised concept.

Over a summer of sleepless nights, Nick researched tirelessly. Diving deep into the existing realms of global politics, environmental disaster, organised crime and the preconceived theories of a dystopian earth. After all this; ‘Snow: The Dawn’ was born and by the end of August a script for the first issue was made tangible. Nick left for Reading Festival 2012 and the man Mr Hughes began his work storyboarding. The rest is history… Literally.

Snow: The Dawn is your introduction to the world, it’s the main series. However in 2015 Nick’s drive for writing took the idea down a new path and a fully fledged universe was born. This universe; born of pure curiosity, what if’s? and maybe has led to The Eventide!

The Eventide was conceived to present their universe to the world in greater depth and after meeting some incredibly awesome talents it became a labour of love….but for more on that story, click-through the tabs…

For now, entertain yourselves. Enjoy the ride & give us a shout if you feel the need.

Harry & Nick 


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