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This area is reserved for all the awesome people that have read Snow and posted about it, good or bad we’ll post it here. If you are a blog/website/podcast and want to be added to this page then feel free to get in contact and we can sort you out press copies.


The awesome dudes over at Canned Air had us on a couple of times to talk our usual nonsense! If you want to be a really great human, go ahead and follow these guys you won’t regret it!

Podcast 1

Podcast 2

Podcast 3


If you feel like reading the whole thing just click their name to be taken to their site! Whoever they are make sure you follow them because they are all amazing people!

IGN (fantaffx blog)

‘There is still a lot of mystery going forward but this is one comic that is without a doubt worth your time.’

Get Your Comic On

‘‘Snow: The Dawn’ #1 is a compelling opener to the series. It sets up an exciting world filled with interesting characters who are both skilfully written and beautifully drawn. I suggest you go grab yourself a copy.’

The Nerd Machine

‘The illustrations by Hughes are fresh and provide a unique presentation of the story that will surely capture readers.’

Res Magazine

‘The narrative is interesting and will have you wanting to know more immediately, with a strong premise and excellent visual style this is definitely a series worth supporting.’

Bag & Bored

‘Goode and Hughes have shown us a world that could be, and Snow: The Dawn hails the rising of a great new indie comic.’

Get Your Comic On (The Eventide review)

‘Each chapter has a unique aesthetic and no two stories feel the same. There’s strong artwork throughout and most importantly it never becomes a style over substance product.’

Pipedream Comics (#1-3)

‘This is a series which deserves more recognition and praise and needs to be read by those Brubaker/Philips fans or maybe someone wanting to move from Superheroes to Crime, where this is a good middle ground.’