The Eventide

The Eventide (Snow Chronicles). 

This book contains five stories which provide a deeper look into the Snow Universe.

Codename – Goode, Hughes

Set 10 years before Snow: The Dawn, Codename sheds some light on the inner workings of the post apocalyptic England. Sarah Brown, a young and driven woman from the 2nd Borough is introduced to Oliver Faust and begins her journey into the broken system that runs the newly established boroughs.

Act One – Goode, Levang

As two lovers contemplate their retirement from a life of crime, a man in power readies to hire them for their final job. A job that will change their status in a world full of crime. The Guests journey begins here…

Vices – Goode, McGarey

A man brought to his knees through addiction, his past haunting him. Vices Enterprise offer him the redemption he seeks, a clean start but one that comes riddled with new problems. A new drug trial to help save those in need that may have adverse side effects.

Virtuous – Barnes, Ovrebo

What would you do when the company you work for has a secret you have to expose no matter the cost?
Virtuous is a prequel story to the Snow Universe title ‘Energy’, where we find a bioengineer called Noah struggling with the harsh reality of what his employer Vices Enterprise is really working on. 
With everything at stake for Noah, how far will he go to get the truth out there?

Energy – Goode, Hughes

Laura Parks, a reporter in the 1st borough uncovers a secret hidden within the largest company in the 10 boroughs. What she uncovers could change everything but will she reveal the truth before it’s too late?

Included in The Eventide graphic novel are additional pieces of artwork, storyboards and an additional story from Stuart McGarey based on Nick’s Free Comic Book Day 2016 script.

A companion soundtrack for The Eventide composed by Chris Gwilliam is available Please follow the player below to pick it up!

The Eventide is on sale NOW – head on over to Dimthroat Comics to purchase a physical copy and head to Comixology to purchase a digital version! (Bare in mind the digital doesn’t include the the storyboards/concepts section!)



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