The Dudes

So you’ve found your way to The Dudes section… In this part of the website you can find a bit more information on us; the creators! Our about page told you the story of how we met and created the Snow Universe. Here you will get to know us a bit more personally….


nickHey, So you want to know a little bit more do ya?

Well what’s to say? I’m a pretty simple dude. I was lucky enough to grow up in a family
that loves film, books, stories….pretty much any
form of entertainment was encouraged and I feel like this is how I ended up pursuing writing. The first time I knew I wanted to be a writer was reading Harry Potter…like any 90s child I fell in love with that world and hoped to someday be able to connect with anyone the way that book did with me. It was a pretty great moment to be able to read and feel as if I was living at Hogwarts. But alas my Hogwarts invitation did not arrive in the post as I had hoped! Instead I began to pursue creating my own worlds and characters.

As I’ve grown older my interest in writing has expanded, reading books by Kerouac or Hunter S. Thompson furthered my personal connection with writing.  Screenwriters such as Cameron Crowe fused my love of music with great writing and I just knew I had to pursue this as a career.

I could go on and bore you with my love for anything pop culture, but I’ll leave it there so you can enjoy your life.

Favourite Film (So far) – Almost Famous 

Favourite Band/musician (Currently) – Brand New

Favourite Book (Currently) – Y: The Last Man 



harryA simple illustrator trying to make my way in the universe… The Snow universe?

I wasn’t born with a pencil in my palm, but pencils were probably
among the safer/more sanitary materials I first got my fat little hands on in order to create some of my early mixed media abstract artwork. Over the years my style has evolved through the influence of various artists, pop culture references, films, music and the misuse of alcohol, to become something a little more refined/twisted.

No, my dad isn’t Adam Hughes. Yes, I envy his bloodline… Aaaand that of Karl Kopinski, Norman Rockwell, John Romita Jr. and plenty of others.

Favourite Film (So far) –  The Iron Giant

Favourite Band/Musician (Currently) – Marilyn Manson

Favourite Book (Currently) – The Holy Bible